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nanjing tianfu software co., ltd. (tianfu) is a chinese high-tech company specializing in the r&d of intelligent industrial software, such as intelligent design, rapid simulation, optimization, and o&m software with independent intellectual property rights. founded on may 20, 2011, the company is headquartered in nanjing, with branches and offices in beijing, dalian, ningbo, shanghai, and qingdao.

we provide general-purpose software products, including aicfd (an intelligent cfd simulation tool), aifem (an intelligent structure simulation tool), aipod (an intelligent optimization tool), dtempower (an intelligent data modeling tool), and aitopt (an intelligent tool for heat transfer topology optimization). we also offer industry-specific software products, including aipipe (an integrated platform for pipe design and o&m), aipump (an intelligent pump design tool), aifan (an intelligent fan design tool), aiblade (an intelligent blade design tool), aiwind (an intelligent tool for designing machine distribution in wind farms), envcloud (a cloud computing-based environment simulation tool), an intelligent monitoring system, an intelligent warning and troubleshooting system, and an integrated carbon peaking and carbon neutrality management platform.

we also provide custom software development services for business customers, including the development of custom cae pre/post-processing tools, solvers, industrial design platforms, ai platforms, and auxiliary tools.

with an experienced technical team of ph.d. graduates from tsinghua university, we boast strength in software development, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent design, intelligent operation o&m, engineering simulation technologies, and engineering applications across all industries. since our inception, we have focused on the independent development of code and core solvers. we are the first in the industry to adopt an ai-accelerated algorithm system to speed up the time-consuming fluid and structure simulation analysis that has overwhelmed the industry for a long period of time. after 11 years of innovation, we now offer a wide range of world-class products. we have established close cooperation with universities and research institutes such as tsinghua university, huazhong university of science and technology, and shanghai jiao tong university.

over the years, we have provided high-quality design and o&m software products and solutions for numerous local and foreign manufacturers, domestic military units, universities, and research institutes. our customers come from a multitude of industries, such as energy and power, shipbuilding and maritime engineering, vehicles and transportation, aerospace, new energy vehicles, power batteries, consumer electronics, and petroleum and petrochemical industries. as a dual-certified enterprise with a software enterprise certificate and a software product certificate, tianfu is recognized as a high-tech company, a gazelle company, and an incubated unicorn company.