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envcloud — environment simulation cloud computing software


envcloud is cloud computing software that is independently developed by nanjing tianfu software co., ltd. for environment simulation. envcloud mainly applies to flow and thermal analysis in the construction industry, such as the wind environment of buildings and indoor air conditioning and ventilation. for example, envcloud can simulate the impact of high buildings on the environment, the impact of air conditioner heating on the climate, living comfort, escape route design in buildings, and environment pollution governance.

envcloud integrates various features, such as building model creation and import, meshing, building simulation engineering setup, computing, and simulation result post-processing. users need only to create a basic building model and configure basic parameters for simulation engineering. then, envcloud automatically meshes the solution range based on existing building models and the size of the resolution range. after that, envcloud calls the internal solver to complete computing for the entire project with one click and obtain the final solution result. users can use the post-processing module to view and analyze data. envcloud has innovative modeling and geometric processing capabilities, abundant geometric and mesh data interfaces, advanced model setting process management, and a comprehensive and simplified gui. this ensures that the whole simulation process is simple, clear, and easy to use.



indoor analysis

outdoor wind environment



atmospheric pollutant diffusion

sketchup version


(1) modern ui

envcloud provides an advanced workflow-based model setting process and a wizard for setting calculation conditions to guide users in setting conditions based on the procedure, thereby improving efficiency.

(2) powerful pre-processing capabilities

the modern modeling feature enables users to simply drag components on the ui to create models.

users can create and edit models based on sketchup as needed.

envcloud automatically and quickly generates structural meshes without the need to repair geometries.

(3) solver

envcloud integrates modeling, meshing, solving, and post-processing features.

envcloud monitors real-time residual and point data. 

the output of flow rate and heat flux data is convenient.

(4) infinite parallel solver

the number of parallel cores is unlimited. as a result, envcloud can fully utilize computer resources and complete simulation calculation within the shortest possible time.

(5) abundant analysis features

indoor and outdoor calculation   ---------------   heat transfer calculation

turbulence model  -------------- pollutant calculation

humidity calculation -------------- source term

air conditioner model --------------  porous media model

sunlight and radiation model

ventilation efficiency evaluation, including the age of air

(6) automatic report output

after computing is completed, users can obtain the green building specification report with one click.

(7) seamless sketchup embedded version and web-based version