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aifan — intelligent fan design software


aifan is intelligent fan design software that is independently developed by nanjing tianfu software co., ltd. by leveraging the design technologies and related experience of tianfu and general aviation technology research center of tsinghua university, aifan can help engineers quickly and efficiently design high-performance axial fan models.


  • simple design process: after the users enter the flow rate, pressure, efficiency, rotational speed, and other metrics, aifan can quickly develop 1d, 2d, and 3d designs for fan blades and ducts.

  • abundant design modules: aifan provides multiple modules, including the modules for fan rotor design, outlet guide vane design, and contra-rotating/tandem rotor design.

  • fan blade database: aifan features a high-performance database of fan blade shapes and allows users to customize the shapes of fan blades.

  • advanced controlled vortex method: aifan adopts an advanced controller vortex method to design torsion rules.

  • convenient 3d modeling module: aifan has a convenient 3d modeling module for lean and dihedral modeling and automatic blade fairing.

  • optimized loss model: aifan has an optimized loss model based on the trial database. the loss model can be used to quickly and accurately evaluate the fan performance.



the output formats of designed models include

  • 3d models (iges/step)

  • tecplot format    

  • numeca/turbogrid format    

  • blade processing data    

  • any custom format 

as a fan design and optimization platform, aifan can integrate 3d simulation and analysis software and parametric modeling and optimization software, and also allows users to call other software with one click for 3d simulation, analysis, and optimization.

aifan has empowered multiple enterprises to design mine ventilation fans, high-speed train fans, radiator fans, and ducted fans. the performance metrics can reach or exceed the expectations of customers.