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aiwind — intelligent software for machine distribution in wind farms


aiwind is intelligent software that is independently developed by nanjing tianfu software co., ltd for machine distribution in wind farms. aiwind can perform machine distribution, simulation, calculation of the electricity production capacity, and other operations in wind farms, thereby helping engineers perform micrositting in a convenient manner. the core calculation engine of aiwind integrates advanced simulation technologies and professional knowledge in the wind power field. a large number of arguments and comparative analyses verify that the calculation accuracy of aiwind is leading among similar software in the world.

aiwind consists of the pre-processing, solving, post-processing, and optimization modules. after users import terrain data to aiwind, they can specify target areas based on their requirements, perform meshing and encryption, and then perform simulation calculation. aiwind also provides abundant post-processing features, including the wind resource module and the generation of 3d nephograms, 2d wind roses, and cross section diagrams. the optimization module can quickly determine the optimal machine distribution in a wind farm that maximizes the electricity production capacity.

functional modules

  • pre-processing module: processes data related to the terrain, building, forest, and meshing

  • solution module: sets up solutions and manages computing

  • post-processing module: generates nephograms and diagrams of raising terrains, cross sections, and wind resources

  • electricity production module: generates fan wind roses and calculates the electricity production capacity and full load hour

  • optimization module: configures optimization and compares the effect before and after optimization


  • flexible and user-friendly ui

  • compatible with windsim data formats

  • 3d model display  

  • quick meshing

  • flexible mesh encryption   

  • multi-speed and multi-sector computing queue management

  • multi-fan layout

  • abundant post-processing features

  • quick calculation of the electricity capacity

  • fan position optimization